WebSundew web data extractor is a powerful software program of new generation which enables the users to collect large amounts of information from bad structured web sites and organize it in usable format. Usually unstructured data sources presuppose web pages, e-mail addressed, different kind of documents, PDF files, scanned text, etc. Most of the existent data extractors deal with harvesting data from these unstructured data courses.

The process of extracting data from the web pages is also called Web Scraping.

WebSundew data extractor contains a bunch of advanced features and makes your extraction process easy and efficient. WebSundew 5 data extractor came into production in four editions: Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Alongside with some simple and ordinary features such as export of the extracted data to Excel or XML, WebSundew supports also most complicated and uncommon features like Text recognition, API and Incremental extraction (available in Enterprise edition).

WebSundew data extractor can harvest and organize web data in no time and with no effort for you. And even you have no special knowledge in computer science, and have no IT department, it will be no trouble for you to make sense in obscure and intricate features and terminology while working with the program. You can find all the information on features and working peculiarities of WebSundew data extractor on our web site alongside with the tutorials and other types of the documentation. Also our technical specialists will record a demo video for you and create a first free extraction project which you can run on your WebSundew trial version and get the data you need.