Web site scraping is known as data mining or web data extraction and this term is used when we extract text or images from the target web sites and store it in the proper format to later analyze and apply it.

also comes to mean transformation of unstructured or bad-structured data on the Internet (usually in HTML format) into well structured data which can be later stored and analyzed. There are a lot of ways to use web scraping technique, starting from price comparison and ending with weather data monitoring.

Web scraping is the solution which enables the user to process web site content without using manual copy-and-paste function. Web scraping enables the users to extract target information from great variety of web pages of the target web sites on the World Wide Web. And moreover data mining makes it possible to export the content into any usable format.

How can we scrape the target web site? For this we can use a specific software tool written in any of the programming languages that handles unstructured data of a target web site into structured format. Web scraping is widely used in almost all spheres of business to help professionals all over the world to receive and process the necessary information in time.

WebSundew web scraping tool enables the users to automatically collect information from the Internet. It is a tool with practical solutions based on modern technologies offering high level of automation. It was developed to make the whole process of web scraping easy. WebSundew data extraction solution works with most complicated web sites. Besides common characteristics it has some advanced features and performs most complicated operations like Incremental extraction, Text Recognition, API etc.