It is not a secret that modern people of business depend greatly on Internet data. Website scraping is able to help you in extracting specific information (text, images, files) from the World Wide Web and saving the extracted data in the required format.

There are lots of website scraping tools in the market at the moment, so let us try to understand how these software products work. WebSundew website scraping software is one of the best examples of web scraping solutions of this kind.

WebSundew website scraping tool is capable of collecting HTML-based data from your target web site and storing it to the format you need (MS Excel, CSV, XML, database or any text format). Let us say you need to extract all available information on some products from your target web site and you know that the web site contains millions of items (yes, there are web sites with millions of entries). The information on product you need may include Product Name, Product Price, Manufacturer, Product Make and many other items. WebSundew website scraping program can do the whole job for you and all you need to do is just to set up the Agent (that is to configure extraction project that will work automatically saving your time while you are busy with more important things). Website scraping became an integral part of life for most businessmen working in the field of e-commerce, retail, real estate etc.

Website scraping with WebSundew is easy, effective and confidential, that is why our clients choose our solution to collect information from the World Wide Web. You can build several extraction projects and set up several agents inside the program to scrape different target web sites simultaneously. WebSundew website scraping tool can perform simple operations as extracting text data and images from the Internet as well as some advanced and complex operations as Incremental Extraction when the program extracts only new updated data or Text Recognition and API.