Website scraper is a software program performing the whole process of web scraping. Web scraping usually stands for extracting of unstructured or bad-structured data from the Internet and storing it in almost any format on your computer.

Website scrapers are very popular nowadays among businessmen (especially involved in E-Commerce, Real Estate, Automotive, Retail and many other fields of business) and Internet users all over the world. They help to get necessary information in time and to analyze it.

A website scraper collects necessary data from some target web sites. It can be used even by law enforcement professionals to extract data and to use it in court, businessmen can use website scrapers for writing and developing some marketing research or for business intelligence, entrepreneurs normally use such software programs to harvest e-mails to monitor business trends, market specialists can use website scrapers to analyze market trends and to keep reports.

WebSundew website scraper is a data extraction tool which is one of the best samples of web scraping programs existing in the market. It is presented in the market of web scraping tools as a family of four editions (Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise). All of them are designed to meet the needs of users and make copy-and-paste process as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you're looking for a website scraper, perhaps you need to have a look at WebSundew web scraping tool. WebSundew website scraper pastes and copies all the required data from some particular web site to your computer in no time and with no effort. You need no special programming skills to work with the program, all you need is a computer and WebSundew licensed copy.