The end of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century is marked by the constant growth of various and massive information stream which is worth much for large sections of the population.

To make the situation easy there are modern Internet technologies and computer software products available for most users that make it possible to perform search, extraction and analyses of the information any time, in any place and upon any request.

Web spider is a software application which is downloading web pages in the same way as the users' browser is. But its difference from the browser is the following: the browser displays information from the page (text, video, audio, etc.) but the web spider has no visual component and works directly with the HTML-text of the web page (for this purpose you can have a look at the HTML code in your browser to see "raw" HTML text).Web spider is constantly "spidering" World Wilde Web visiting web pages in order to collect data from the web and (or) form database containing content indexes.

In WebSundew web scraping program you can set up the so-called web spider which will extract the necessary information for you. You can use web spider to collect information from catalogs, contact lists, databases, or even to develop your own software to gather e-mail addresses. You can greatly simplify your work by using web spider.