No more copying and pasting. This is an advertising slogan with tremendous pull that one more and more often can hear on the Internet.

So what should we do to avoid exhaustible copy-and-paste process that takes our time and effort and is not so accurate for the further analyses as one hardly can be accurate when it comes to thousands of records with lots of fields and images? Computer science and modern software development companies answered this question many years ago, there were developed special programs designed to simplify the life of simple workers and company bosses. Such programs are usually called web page scrapers, web data extractors, data miners etc.

Web page scraper is a software product that is able to collect necessary information from the target web site and record it in some usable format. Or we can say it in some other way: web page scraper gathers structured data from some unstructured or semi-structured web pages on the World Wide Web. Web page scraping is being performed by a special software program written in some programming language which is capable of handling unstructured web sites. WebSundew web page scraper was designed to perform extracting process (that is extracting data and images from the target web site) with high accuracy and speed.

Our licensed users work with WebSundew web page scraper to collect bad structured data from target web sites to analyze and process it future (it can be price comparison, on-line store start up, statistical investigation, business intelligence etc). So WebSundew web page scraper has a very extensive application in almost all spheres of business. For over eight years our customers from various industry sectors have been very thankful to us and they come to us again and again. Web scraping has become an important part of business research.