Web harvesting (that is the process performed by web harvesters) is used to define web scraping from different web sites on the World Wide Web. Web harvester is a software product which is able to download data from the web pages to your computer.

There are not so many programs performing this kind of job despite being in demand. Most companies working in the field of web harvesting offer web scraping services.

Perhaps it is easier to pay money and to get result without going deep into programming or computer science, but if you want to sort it out yourself it will take you one step ahead of competition as firstly, you will save your money (when buying WebSundew web harvester you get lifetime license and can extract unlimited number of records from unlimited number of web sites) and you can be sure that what you do is absolutely confidential as no one else will know about your market research or price comparison.

So the benefits of buying and using of web harvester are quite obvious: no additional fees, no subscriptions and no third parties involved in your business. Let us see how WebSundew web harvester works. You have your target web site or a number of web sites full of necessary information. You need this information badly. You need it today as tomorrow it can be too late. Or you need it every hour/day as you want to have your ear to the ground. You just start WebSundew web harvester and set up the Agent. You click "Start extraction" and in some time (depending on the number or records on the web site) you have all the data on your computer in required format.