Everybody knows that information and especially web information plays a great role in our life. The World Wide Web contains large amounts of data, great part of this data can be used for our business needs.

We need special software programs that are able to process and analyze the web data so that we could apply it. Web data scrapers are special software tools designed to collect and store information from the web. If you do not know anything about web data scrapers it is just time to start to learn everything about them.

WebSundew is a family of advanced web data scrapers and it was designed to help you automate the whole process of web scraping and data extraction and also minimize your expenses and save your time. Web scraping is the process of extracting data and images from the World Wide Web, usually from some particular web site(s). You can easily get all the necessary information and then store it in the desired format. WebSundew presents four products for web scraping, WebSundew Lite, WebSundew Standard, WebSundew Professional and WebSundew Enterprise. All the versions are able to extract data and images (except Lite edition, which does not support image download). If you need to schedule your extraction, to save it to the data base or even to recognize text from images, just select necessary WebSundew web data scraper edition.

You do not need to be a programmer or a software developer to set up an agent. WebSundew web data scraper has a simple point-and-click interface and built in wizards that will assist you. WebSundew web data scraper is one of the best examples of effective and powerful software products for extracting information from the web. It enables the user to extract unlimited number of entries from unlimited number of web sites in no time. WebSundew web data scraper is your reliable and effective assistant in collecting and storing web data.