It became something ordinary to depend on Internet data in conduct of business nowadays. Web data extraction tools can help you in scraping web sites, collecting information and storing it in the format you need. How does the web data extraction tool work?

Let us ask WebSundew developers who have over eight years experience working in the field of web scraping.

WebSundew web data extraction software is able to scrape your target web site and extract what you need from it. Let us imagine you need to extract all available information on some product and you have your target web site containing over million items (the information on the product may include Name of a product, Price, Manufacturer, Model/Make and many other things). WebSundew web data extraction tool is a program that can do the entire job for you if you enter right parameters and click right buttons. Moreover, it can extract information every hour/day/month or extract only updated information (new price, for example) and store it in the database.

WebSundew web data extraction software was designed to make the whole process of data extraction easy and effective, that is why our customers choose WebSundew web data extraction solution to harvest necessary data from the World Wide Web. Inside the program you can create many extraction projects that are able to scrape different target web site and set them up in accordance with your requirements. Alongside with such ordinary work as extracting text and images from some web site on the Internet, WebSundew web data extraction tool enables users to perform such complex operations as text recognition (this feature is unique and other web scraping programs can hardly support it), API and incremental extraction.

Web data extraction plays an important role in many spheres of business, it helps businessmen to be well informed on competitors' pricing, product updates, gather information from some business directories, gather search engine rankings, extract job boards listings, gather financial information. Non-businessmen can collect data from academic research, track auction prices, gather sport information on teams, players, events and many other cases.