You're reading this article about web ripping as we think you're a very smart and advanced Internet user and perhaps you take the challenge to collect big amount of information from the World Wide Web and store it on your computer to later use it (that is to analyse it or to do whatever you need).

Web content ripping is a process in which target web site content is copied to your computer. So a web content ripper is a software tool for extracting content from servers or web sites where it is stored on the Internet.

We have already discussed why web content rippers in general and WebSundew web content ripper in particular are gaining more and more popularity and number of their followers inalterably grow bigger. If we take WebSundew web content ripper and follow our sales and distribution for the last 8 years of our successful software business, we come to conclusion that if 8 years ago our audience mostly consisted of programmers or other technical guys familiar with basics of programming, that now our audience varies from young people busy in different fields which sometimes have nothing in common with computer science to businesses which even have no programmers in their regular office staff.

It goes without saying that web content rippers now are widely used by thousands of our licensed users all over the world and they help them automate the whole process of web extracting (copying and pasting) and now our customers can spend their time more efficiently and also save their funds and even optimize their staff. WebSundew 4 web content riper is a software tool of new generation which offers revolutionary new concept and a bunch of new opportunities for users. At the very least it enables users to download innumerable data from the Internet, and at the farthest it allows apply text recognition (which is a unique feature for our software) and incremental extraction, for example (but we'll discuss this piece of computer science a bit later in some other article).