To understand the work of a web content extractor better let us talk about web content first. Web content is the text, video, audio information or images that you see when you visit this or that web page.

This web content can be bad-structured and sometimes you won't even be able to copy and paste it manually. Web content extractor is a software tool that extracts structured data from some un-structured or semi-structured web pages.

Web data extraction is performed by developing of a program or script which is written in some particular programming language that is able to work with unstructured web sites. WebSundew web data extractor was developed to process such web pages in no time and to get all the necessary information (that is data and images) which can be later stored in the desired format on your computer. We shall not discuss sophisticated mechanisms or technical subtleties of the product, let us only focus on the advantages you get when using WebSundew web data extractor.

Our customers use web data extraction as a solution to extract bad structured data from different websites to analyze and use it, e.g. create web sites providing information from other web sites and etc. When we analyzed our customer field, we found out that there are over 30 areas of industries (and not only commercial, as our customers also represent non-profit and state organizations) which benefit from using WebSundew web content extractor. Let us enumerate only some of them: Logistics and Supply, Computer and Network Security, Pharma, Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing, Insurance, Accounting, Retail, Real Estate, Information Technology & Services, Government Administration, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Educational Management, Transportation/Tracking Industry, Recruitment, Human Resources Industry, Online Media and many and many others. So web data extraction became an important part of the contemporary business relations.

Though it is quite obvious that a software solution is always intended to simplify man's labor and to make it possible to save the time and efforts, WebSundew web content extractor will provide all the necessary information from the World Wide Web in no time and almost in no effort, you need no special technical skills to work with it. We value our customers' opinion on our web content extractor and we are always open to all kind of feedback to make our product more customer-oriented and easy-to-use.