We have already discussed many terms and definitions connected with web data extraction, web data scraping and web data harvesting and we hope it will help uninitiated users make head or tail of the subject.

And now let us talk about screen scraping and how WebSundew screen scraping tool performs this unbelievable process and obtains stunning final result. Screen scraping usually stands for the automatic gathering of some visual data from the certain source (it can be some web page, for example). Screen scraping has more to do with data harvesting than with data parsing as in case with web scraping.

Screen scraping is widely used nowadays by users to get desired information from some target web sites. This information can be later applied in many spheres of business and in various industries. So let us see now how screen scraping is performed by WebSundew software program. To simplify your work with the program we tried to develop some new features which will meet your needs.

We implemented an Agent into the program, which can be set up to scrape any web site and to get any data even from the depth of the web site. So after you choose the web site you want to extract data from and define which data you need, you start the program. You can create several projects for different web sites you intent to work with. And then you enter starting page you want to extract data from. Here comes the turn of the Agent, you just teach it how to navigate through the pages and which data it needs to capture. Then you just click the button Capture and screen scraping is in process. When the Agent completes its work you just need to click Open the file to view all the results in the format you selected. It goes without saying that the best choice for you if you need to extract lots of information from some web site or from several web sites, is WebSundew screen scraping and web data scraping solution.