Our company developed WebSundew price comparison tool to help our customers (it could be retail web sites that sell wide range of goods) to collect information about competitor's pricing.

Usually product prices are changed and monitored manually as needed, though there are some price comparison tools that can significantly simplify this work.

It is not a secret that most retail companies use the competitors' prices as a basis for their pricing. Some companies have special employees checking competitors' prices to see how they compare. Our price comparison tool will automatically do this for you. Our software is able to complete this task on an automatically scheduled basis or as requested if the market suddenly changes in no time. As you know all products (as well as competitors) have unique SKU numbers and have similar if nor equal product titles and descriptions. WebSundew price comparison tool can help you with price comparison to understand which pricing it is better to choose in real time.

The way the software generally works is to go to your web site, enter in the product name in the search , find the product, and the price is extracted into a spreadsheet. Then this is repeated for your competitors. Even if your competitors have some unique SKU numbers it is no problem for price comparison tool as the tool is also able to compare all prices using SKU number lists for each competitors' web site. All you need to do is to send us SKU number lists and we will configure price comparison agents what you will run on your computer using WebSundew price comparison tool. Working with our software product will save your time and money and contribute to your business success.