Why do we need to compare prices? Let us try to sort it out. This issue can be view at from two sides - from the point of view of the consumer and from the point of view of the seller.

In both cases, strange as it may seem, price comparison information is quite indispensable, but in the first case for the best buy and in the second case for attracting of customers and as a result for best sales return. There are a lot of price comparison web sites at the moment. According to the consumer field research, about third of customers prefer online shopping. It is also expected that by 2020 about 95% of internet users will practice online shopping.

Even you before making decision on what and where to purchase certainly examine a considerable number of competing online stores in order to find most favorable price for you. So these days when the computer science and internet technologies are highly developed, there is no need to manually visit all the web pages and calculate the prices. For this purpose there is specially designed price comparison software, which can fast and automatically find necessary figures and positions.

Price comparison software helps you to create your own price comparison web site for example, by extracting information from many other web sites. It will enable you to manage your web site's reputation and attract high quality traffic to it. WebSundew web data extracting tool can easily act as price comparison software and perform price comparison alongside with other data extracting and data parsing operations so that you will observe various lists of prices of specific products or product lines.

Nowadays price comparison is a very profitable branch of business. And it is quite accessible and easy to perform due to the number of price comparison software products you can find in the market now. How can you use WebSundew web data extraction tool for price comparison? You can spy upon your competitor's web sites and sell your products at best or you can select the best price for you if you do online shopping yourself.