More and more Internet users ask a question how to extract web data. There are plenty of services which appeared on the Internet and offer the customers to extract web data, and only few software products (like WebSundew web extraction tool) which can fully meet customers' needs in scraping web data.

It is necessary to extract web data if you are busy with e-commerce, or you want to build your own e-shop and need to collects lots of information on some category of products from the World Wide Web. How does data extraction service work? You send your target web site you need to extract data from and as a result get data in Excel (or in some other) format. If you use web scraping software tool you have an opportunity to run it on your computer and use lots of advanced features which make the extraction process easy, simple and fully secure.

With WebSundew web scraping software tool you can extract web data with high accuracy and speed. You can automate the whole process of copying and pasting by just setting up an agent which will do all the work for you. You can change agent settings and collect different kind of information from a great variety of web sites. It is easy to extract web data and store it to Excel, CSV, XML, database or any text format. It is also possible to extract images and files, perform multi-level extraction. scheduling extraction, etc.

So if you have WebSundew data extraction tool, you do not need to ask question how to extract web data, you need to ask question which data and in what format I want to get, as well as how many times a day or week I want this data to be automatically extracted, whether I want to get notification when the extraction process is completed or if I want to get access to WebSundew programmatically to implement it to some other software product. So the most effective way to extract web data is purchasing your own web scraping tool which will always be with you in any place and any time.