Web data scraping is the process of collecting information (it can by visual or text information) from some target web site. The process of data scraping is usually performed by some software programs that are able to automatically visit all the necessary pages, download required fields and store the data on your computer. It usually looks like this: you have some unstructured or bad-structured information on the web site and need to paste it to your computer. It can be information on some products (for example, if you're working in automotive market and you need to get information from some target web site on Make, Model, Year, Manufacture of thousands of auto) which you need to work with. This is how it works: your target web site.
Data Scraping

and your result in Excel format. This is the way how WebSundew data scraping tool works. You have your target web site (or sites) and as a result you have your document with all the necessary information.

By the way, there're some ways of storing information on your computer, it can be Excel format, for example. In this case if the data scraping tool exports files or images, there will be stored local paths to the documents that were downloaded. The data can also be stored in CSV and XML formats.

Alongside with some simple operations WebSundew data scraping tool also performs some difficult and complex operations. It can be local data extraction (it is possible to scrape not only World Wide Web, but also your own personal computer). It's also possible to save your data in the database (WebSundew data scraping tool supports different kinds of databases, like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL which are really highly sought after at the moment). To say nothing about such powerful features like Text Recognition, which is absolutely unique as no other data scraping software supports this feature. Text Recognitions is very actual as more and more web sites are trying to protect their content by displaying it as image, so this feature enables users to avoid this kind of restrictions. Incremental Extraction, Scheduling and Publishing are also highly ranked by our customers as they make the whole process of extracting accurate and professional.

WebSundew data scraping solution is your best assistant in matters of collecting and storing information from the Internet and you can hardly get along without it if you want to be one step ahead of the competition. And if you do, your business will enjoy great success as you have to be smarter, wiser, and more aggressive than your competition.