Web data mining is quite a new branch in computer science. This is a process intended for searching for patterns in huge data sets.

It includes different methods of statistics, database systems and artificial intelligence. It is designed to harvest some information from wed sites and store it in proper format for the future use. It is a collective name used to refer to a set of methods to detect a previously unknown, non-trivial, practically useful and accessible interpretation of the knowledge necessary for decision making in various fields of human activity. Data mining software is a tool to get and analyze data.

Data mining includes a huge range of different analytical procedures, which makes it inaccessible for ordinary users who are poorly versed in the methods of data extraction and data analysis. WebSundew web data mining software found a way out from this situation, the package WebSundew can be used both by professionals and ordinary users with little experience and expertise in web data extraction, data analysis and mathematical statistics. For this, besides the general methods of data scraping and data analysis there were implemented ready built-in data analysis modules designed to solve most important and popular tasks: prediction, classification, association rule creation, etc.

Data mining software and WebSundew tool as a part of it can be applied in many spheres of business activities. It is most often used for promoting goods and services, planning, forecasting, market analysis, information gathering in a certain area.