Data extraction usually stands for the process of searching and harvesting data from the Internet and storing it in different usable formats. Data extraction software that performs such operations is normally called crawlers, grabbers, spiders, parsers etc. It goes without saying that data extraction software greatly simplifies our life as it helps the users to collect and organize the data just as they need it.

Data extraction software is able to collect tremendous volumes of information like company e-mails, forum links, different kinds of catalogs, it can be used to create structural database. Web data scraping and data extraction is also some kind of information search when structured data is collected from unstructured electronic documents. The main purpose of this kind of conversion is the possibility to analyze bad structured information.

Data extraction software is very popular among Internet users nowadays. It enables to automate the process of collecting information from web pages and store it in almost any format. WebSundew data extraction software is very easy to use even for those who have no special programming skills and it has a simple point-and-click interface. Though there's an opinion that most automated and artificial intelligence data extraction tools usually require manual scripting, it is not quite true about WebSundew data extraction software. Moreover there're no hidden costs if you purchase the program.

WebSundew data extraction software will let you extract almost unlimited amount of necessary information without any subscriptions and additional fees, and moreover you can be sure that what you do is absolutely confidential and the data you extracted is secure. WebSudnew web data extraction software has been over 8 years on the market of web data extraction, our company is an expert in this field and our customers trust us. If you want to scrape the web with our software tool, all you need is to download WebSundew trial. If you need to get some help, you can send us extraction request and our technical specialists will build extraction project for you that extracts necessary information from your target web site.