There are lots of highly specialized web scraping tools which help e-Commerce professionals follow up information on their competitors' pricing.

Competitor pricing tools are most commonly used by web store owners, product managers, manufacturers, market analysts working in different fields of business.

WebSundew web scraping tool is very often used by e-commerce professionals to know when the competitors change their pricing, so they can base their pricing decisions on accurate and up-to-date data. WebSundew is able to notify you of changes by automated checking of competitors' web sites (in case the pricing changes or competitors run out of some products). Competitor pricing monitoring is one of the ways our customers apply our software tool and with it they are able to control resellers, investigate market movements and analyze pricing changes.

WebSundew competitor pricing tool was developed to easily and effectively figure out pricing strategies of certain market players and predict future business decisions of important market players. With it you can quickly react when you see some price changes on your competitors' web sites and save countless hours and days of checking your competitors' web sites. So you will be the first to know about all the changes (in pricing or product availability) of your competitors.