How to Start New Business During Pandemic with WebSundew

Covid-19 pandemic and economy recession are shutting down small businesses, but we can use the situation to try new opportunities. It is time to start searching for the ways to start new businesses. It is not a secret that about 30% of world population are passing through isolation so we need to pay attention here to on-line services and on-line shops.

How to Start New Business During Pandemic with WebSundew

Most products or goods are delivered home and most popular of them now are bulk products, medical goods, maternity goods, etc. WebSundew Web Data Extraction software and services will be your helper in creating new business during pandemic. You can open your online shop and use WebSundew to increase your sales and to choose best pricing strategy. You can create scraping bots to collect competitors’ pricing information. Also you can use WebSunew to collect product information like product images or features. Also with WebSundew you can easily collect and analyse product reviews.

You can also use WebSudnew to migrate existing e-commerce store to new platform, you can collect all products from the target store, export it to required format (XML, JSON) and import it to your new e-commerce platform.

Elena Lyubina

28 March 2020
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